Our Partners and Friends in the Community

Gifted in France is grateful to our friends and partners who continue to help us play a key role in creating educational and meaningful experiences for the Anglophone community in Paris. Over the years, we have collaborated with the American Library in Paris, Message Paris, Association of American Women in Paris and the International Brain Bee. Our most recent partner is the ICM - Brain and Spine Institute which has signed on as the official host and sponsor for the France Brain Bee, a neuroscience high school competition that GiF has been nurturing since 2014.

2019 France Brain Bee participants taking a break during the competition at ICM Brain and Spine Institute, 6 April 2019. Thanks ICM for hosting and sponsoring!

Become a Partner

If your organization is passionate about working to improve the state of education, providing enrichment activities for the community, or if you would like to be a partner in our helping us support the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional children, please get in touch with us.

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