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Solutions for the Anxious Gifted Child

Two presentations: 10h30-13h00 or 18h45-22h00
Recorded 90-minute webinar in PowerPoint format, followed by Q&A and discussion.

Laying Waste to the Elephant in the Living Room:
Solutions for the Anxious Gifted Child
Presented by: P. Susan Jackson, MA, RCC

Description: “Anxiety is the most common mental health problem experienced by children. When left untreated, it causes anxiety-based disorders ranging from simple adjustment disorders to more debilitating maladies such as panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The relationship between anxiety and giftedness is largely unexplored in the literature and often overlooked or misconstrued in clinical practice, with potentially disastrous results. Truly insidious, with bona fide indicators eluding easy diagnosis, especially for the gifted, anxiety-based disorders are the “elephant in the living room”: a malady that eludes easy diagnosis, masked entirely or eclipsed by more obvious signs of distress such as perfectionism, underachievement, hyper-vigilance and depression. This interactive presentation provides parents, educators and mental health professionals with information about the etiology of and powerful strategies for combating anxiety-based disorders.”

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About the Presenter: P. Susan Jackson, MA, RCC